Fields of translation

Please note that if you are a new client, a new Term Base will be created together with you, that will allow for consistency throughout all your documentation and Web sites.

Main fields : Automotive / IT / Finance / Marketing / Salesforce training / Government / Sports (Olympics) / Arts and Humanities (History)

Some examples:

Automotive (EN-FR):

– Motor mounting manual

– Motor firm global newsletter

– User manual for electronic devices


Communications (EN-FR):

– Catalogue for a provider of telecommunication systems

– Website of a major vacuum cleaner robot producer



– Web site of datacenters hardware provider


Government (RU-FR):

– Embassy press-releases

– 2014 Olympics cultural programs



– 2014 Olympics sports events (RU and EN-FR)

– Minutes of meetings of 6 Nations Rugby (EN-FR)


Arts and Humanities:

– Tourist book about Belgium (RU-FR)

– Catalogue of the Arts and Architecture books of Tsar Peter the Great’s Library with description of the contents : (RU-FR)

– Manuscript transcription of 18th Century French language letters.

– Subtitles for documentaries (RU-FR)