Translation services

I am a professional translator from English, Spanish and Russian into French with more than 18 years of experience.

My priorities are:

  • Deadlines
  • Quality (name checking, proof reading, etc.)
  • Consistency (one term base per client, which will be used onwards for consistency)
  • Follow up : any minor change needed by the client to a translation that was already delivered is made free of charge.

As a result, the reader must have the feeling that he is reading a text originally written in French.

My focus is on respecting deadlines strictly and ensuring quality. This is why I do not always accept an « urgent » job, even for an extra fee, if I am not confident that the result will be satisfactory. I also usually follow up to know if the client has made changes to the translation, in order to take them into account, update its Term Base and use it in subsequent jobs for the same client.


  • Translation (with or without CATtool)
  • Web site localisation (on online tool)
  • Term base creation

Specialty Fields:

Automotive / IT / Finance / Marketing / Salesforce training / Government / Sports (Olympics) / Arts and Humanities (History)

Some examples:

Automotive (EN-FR):

– Motor mounting manual

– Motor firm global newsletter

– User manual for electronic devices

Communications (EN-FR):

– Catalogue for a provider of telecommunication systems

– Website of a major vacuum cleaner robot producer


– Web site of datacenters hardware provider

Government (RU-FR):

– Embassy press-releases

– 2014 Olympics cultural programs


– 2014 Olympics sports events (RU and EN-FR)

– Minutes of meetings of 6 Nations Rugby (EN-FR)

Arts and Humanities:

– Tourist book about Belgium (RU-FR)

– Catalogue of the Arts and Architecture books of Tsar Peter the Great’s Library with description of the contents : (RU-FR)

– Manuscript transcription of 18th Century French language letters.

– Subtitles for documentaries (RU-FR)